As an installer, make it so i can add my customer's cameras to their ring network for them

Hey guys. I’m a professional installer who works with your gear sometimes and I’m impressed enough with it, but you need to hack in a little feature for me for covid-19.

I need you to give me the ability to use my own ring account as an installer to bind your cameras to the homeowner’s account.

I appreciate that the feature is heavy on bi-directional but you’re already doing that in this program. After I QRscan it on there are a variety of ways you could get his Wi-Fi credentials from him and not show me, since i’ll be there to make sure he has the app on his phone already.

This way I don’t have to touch his equipment to make sure he has a working ring security network. And after he passes the password once, i should be allowed to use it for all cameras on the site until i’m done that day. Because whenever I install ring it is a guarantee that I’m going to pass the customer’s phone back and forth with him a dozen times.

Basically here’s the workflow:
I install the camera and battery it up
My Ring account has “add for another ring user” as an option. I enter his email address.
I begin the “add” process, and meanwhile you’re prompting him to allow you to convey his wifi password through my phone to your camera.
His phone then receives a signal to pick up and complete the pairing process.

Then, i’ve never had to touch my customer’s gear.

Think about it and discuss it please. You’d be reducing a real embedded risk. You’d be surprised how much natural variation there is between customers!

~ daniel ~

I am looking for an installer in the Oakland, Califormia 94605 area to install my Ring Units. My name is Cheryl and my Husband is Mercer. Please contact us if you, or someone else that is an installer can assist with setting up our Ring System.

Hi Cheryl. We’d be happy to install for you. You can find us on Yelp by the same name you find us here. cheers!