As an existing 'shared' user, how do I setup other cameras?

As a commercial landlord, we have a tenant who has installed ring cameras and has added us as a ‘shared’ user so we can monitor the property as well. I have a ring account and can see the cameras on my phone as well as on my computer. We have purchased our own ring doorbell cam and I’m unclear whether we can actually have another ‘location’ on my existing account without losing the access to our tenants’ cameras? Hoping I’m explaining my situation clearly enough to get some direction! Thank you!

Hi @user60111. Yes, you can set up your own Ring devices under your Ring account with a separate address. You will still be able to toggle to the tenants’ Location in the Ring app to view their Cameras when needed, and then toggle back to the Location with your Doorbell. Here is an article about how Locations work. I hope that helps!

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