Arm/Disarm Scheduling

I would like to set up a schedule to automatically arm at 11pm every day and disarm at 6am every day. This is very usefull at home when we forget to arm and disarm. Also I own a chain of laundromats and I would love to replace the alarm system in every store with a Ring Alarm if this feature was available. Thank you.


any update on this? most of the apps have this schedule feature by default and very useful incase you forget one day to arm while beng at home. plus i would say some reminders without panic button would be helpful (as back-up). ppl tend to forget after days/month and by mistake, they go out without their phone then it should not start siren/panic button. is there a release calendar maintained by Ring where customers can see the upcoming app features.

This is a must. The leading competitors all have it. I probably wouldn’t have switched to Ring alarm if I knew this feature wasn’t available. Please address ASAP, should be an easy upgrade. Thanks.