Are RING cams compatible with Nokia G11 phone

Are RING alarms and indoor cams compatible with NOKIA G11 phone.
I am thinking of the RING indoor cam and /or the RING Alarm Smoke and CO Listener. Thanks. Need info Before I purchase.
Also can you say how much internet data would be used by my phone when I receive alerts. Thanks

After doing some quick research I’ve found that the Nokia G11 appears to be an Android phone, if that’s the case then yes it should be compatible if you can download the Ring app from the Google Play store.

The alerts themselves don’t use any more data than any other push notification you’d receive on your phone, but what would consume more data is if you view the recording that comes with the alert (if you have pre-roll enabled the recording will be longer to show you what happened before the doorbell rang, increasing the data you consume) or if you connect to the live feed of your doorbell.

As a rule of thumb, the more you view recordings or the live feed, the more data you will consume. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your data consumption early on to help avoid going past your data cap or incurring excess usage charges.

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