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Yup same. Bought Ring based on the promise of HomeKit integration in the near future. Please get it sorted. A simple google search shows just how many security systems with doorbells work with HomeKit. Not gonna be long before I switch to one of those. Don’t see why I should have to pay for or have the hassle of sorting out a HomeBridge. It’s not like HomeKit is a new thing.

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Very disappointed that your new Video Doorbell 3 doesn’t include Apple Homekit support yet. This has been promised for years. I will NOT be upgrading unless/until Homekit support is added. Also considering switching to a different system that does support it.


I bought all my Ring devices assuming HomeKit was coming.

Very disappointing that it’s 2021 and still no support. Time to move on to vendor that supports HomeKit unfortunately!!!

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Ring = dropped for a company that keeps its promises

I am waiting for Apple HomeKit support before I upgrade my ring door, please update us with when support will be released, if not in a door camera at least a hub to connect existing ones to HomeKit.

Agree. I feel cheated. I bought my ring pro elites in 2019 on the promise of native homekit integration. Not buying a single ring product more until this has been implemented. Now I am running a homebridge, but for live view it often gives the no response message with no other homekit appliance in my house doing so and I have 7 other security cameras, who are not ring. And yes, I would probably have bought ring instead had homebridge been integrated.


Hi all, like many of you I have been patiently waiting for the Homekit integration that was promised years ago. I purchased 4 pro doorbells on the basis that the integration was ‘in progress’, but as we all know that has not happened. I raised a claim against Ring 2 years ago and was promised that if the integration was not in place within 2 years (which expired in 2021) Ring would honour a refund. My repeated communications since have remained unanswered. I have now decided to take Ring (Amazon) to the small claims court to pursue the promised refund.
Does anyone have a copy of the article when Ring announced the integration back in 2016/2017? I have a copy somewhere but cant lay my hands on it and need it for the small claims paperwork. The link in the thread above takes you to an updated page and the Homekit statement has been removed. Many thanks, Gary


If I hadn’t cut a hole in my siding to install an elite doorbell, I would have replaced all of my Ring gear already because of the lack of HomeKit video.

Please just get around to adding it so I don’t have to fix the siding on my house because I replaced you.

As a home owner who has many Apple products as well as now Ring products I believe all mainstream, popular manufacturers should be committed to developing their products to connect with other mainstream products to enhance user experience. I for one, would be more inclined to buy ring products if they connected to more appropriate competitor products.

Very disappointed that your new Video Doorbell 3 doesn’t include Apple Homekit support yet. This has been promised for years. I will NOT be upgrading unless/until Homekit support is added. Also considering switching to a different system that does support it.

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Ring needs to add Apple HomeKit integration natively or upgrade the Ring Bridge to be Apple HomeKit Compatible.

This has been a long time request. Totally ignored. Third party venders like Hoob had shown this is possible.

Ring please update with ETA or a definitive will not support.

Hi @BDDARL. I have moved your request over to the existing feature request for Apple HomeKit compatibility. We utilize the Feature Request board to gather feedback and gauge which requests are the most asked for. When we have any relevant information to share on a particular feature request or suggestion, we will share it in the appropriate thread at that time. Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

I do agree with others about integrating Apple Home Kit with Ring. When…?

At least give us Ring Edge users HomeKit camera support. I’m not asking for HomeKit secure video but just so I can have the motion sensors / faster video loading times work faster instead of pulling from Homebridge / Scrypted.

Right now it’s Ring for the outside of my home and unifi protect cameras for the inside.

I have a couple of Ring devices, mostly through gifts and the like. But other than those, everything in my home is HomeKit. This is frustrating, because the lack of integration means I don’t get the handy door bell camera view on my AppleTV when the button is pressed, I can’t see my security camera feed from the Ring camera on the same screen with my other camera feeds, and so on. It basically makes looking at it become an afterthought a lot of the time, which sort of shoots down a lot of the convenience factor of having these devices in the first place.

Don’t make me go looking for a new Alarm system, Please bring Homekit compatibility, I prefer not to have to use a bridge. I’ve been a Ring user for over 4 years, Love Ring, it works great, wish they hadn’t sold to Amazon though… They probably would have had Homekit integration by now if it wasn’t an Amazon company. I will not be an Alexa user…

Probably going to start looking at other alarm systems that support HomeKit.

If no integration happens I will have to switch products and cancel my subscription. I am buying cameras and not buying ring products only because they do not support HomeKit and Secure Video.

You may like to look at setting up a Homebridge server. I have setup Homebridge on my Synology NAS (see Install Homebridge on Synology DSM · homebridge/homebridge Wiki · GitHub). Homebridge can be installed on other platforms/OS.

I then added the Homebridge-Ring plug-in by searching for the Ring on the Plug-In screen. Once setup your Ring Devices will then appear in your HomeKit list and you can interact with them from Apple Home.