Apple HomeKit

You already have most of the ground work in place. Finish up and bring HomeKit support


With all the various players out there offering some form of home automation it would be to Ring’s advantage if they worked on getting their products to integrate with the Apple HomeKit system. I don’t believe I am the only one with this request but some timeframe indication from the Ring folks would be great!


If you won’t enable HomeKit support at least get Apple shortcuts working

Yes, please get this done. You’ve promised for YEARS to deliver this.

Yes, please get this done. You’ve promised for years to do so. What is the hold up?!

I would love for this to happen!

With no official and propperly designed/supported API, HomeKit would be the best way to intergrate the Doorbell with the rest of my home automation system.

I’ve been waiting for 3 years. Promised HomeKit support was the reason I chose ring devices. But my patience is fading and I’m thinking of dropping ring altogether for a product that does support HomeKit.

I’ve given up waiting for Ring to release HomeKit support and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. However, I’ve got HomeKit support through homebridge, and I’m quite happy with that.

4 years ago Ring announced their intention to add support for Apple HomeKit in this article. Today we are still waiting for Ring to add support for HomeKit to the Doorbell Pro. When I contact Ring support on Twitter I keep receiving the same response. Please add support for HomeKit so that the Ring products are more integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

Moving to Eufy with HomeKit Secure Video support. As soon as their doorbell is added to HomeKit, is bye bye Ring.

they’ve lied for 4 years.

I agree!

The promise of HomeKit support has been dragging since 2016.

Many of us have spent our hard earned money on Ring products based on this promise.
I think we have been more than patient!

We finally need HomeKit. Especially for the alarm so we can use the sensors like motion and door/window contact sensors to do other automations that are in HomeKit. HomeKit is coming this fall very soon with a powerful upgrade that Apple users have been waiting for and without HomeKit you will make those people look elsewhere for devices. I can’t be the only one wanting this?


Since full HomeKit integration has not been enabled, at least enable motion detection for all doorbells and cams.

This would allow HomeKit users the ability to automate lights when a motion event is detected to provide better quality, and color, video! Safety and security feature!

I 100% agree!!

Please ring add homekit, otherwise we will be forced to switch platforms.


Abode currently does this.

There have been many rumors about support for HomeKit by Ring devices. So far this has not been implemented. I would like to request this to be done in the near future.

Needs HomeKit integration. Would live for video to pop up on Apple TV like other integrated cams.

when I bought this many articles said it was imminent, year later and no news.

Homekit support has been promised for years. I am running out of patience and considering switching now that there are more options available. Please make available soon.

As everyone else has said “get this done!”. If anoher vendor gets here first (I’m thinking that might be Logitech) I’ll certainly drop ring for them.