Apple HomeKit

When will apple HomeKit finally be added to our ring camera I have both a doorbell and floodlight and I don’t want the silly “Siri shortcuts” I want full on apple HomeKit

I have an Apple TV and I want my camera to be able to go on it

You’ve been telling us since 2016 that we will be getting it on everything but still in 2021 there’s no HomeKit

We need it on all ring devices too

We need it ASAP I brought ring devices as I was told they were coming in the near future to HomeKit

And no Siri Shortcuts isn’t the same we need HomeKit so it integrates with HomePod and Apple TV


I also request this, when will Ring support Apple HomeKit ?

Even if this is a more expensive model option I would buy a ring door supporting Apple HomeKit.

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I use Hoobs. Works great.

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It’s been so long since they’ve originally announced support was coming. I seriously doubt it’ll ever happen.

Homebridge’s integration works really well.

I own 5 Ring devices. I’ve been waiting for Apple Home compatibility since 2016. Very annoying. Amazon and Apple don’t play nice together. Plain and simple.

Hi all, like many of you I have been patiently waiting for the Homekit integration that was promised years ago. I purchased 4 pro doorbells on the basis that the integration was ‘in progress’, but as we all know that has not happened. I raised a claim against Ring 2 years ago and was promised that if the integration was not in place within 2 years (which expired in 2021) Ring would honour a refund. My repeated communications since have remained unanswered. I have now decided to take Ring (Amazon) to the small claims court to pursue the promised refund.
Does anyone have a copy of the article when Ring announced the integration back in 2016/2017? I have a copy somewhere but cant lay my hands on it and need it for the small claims paperwork. . Many thanks, Gary

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Our only hope is the Matter Foundation where Amazon, Apple, and Google will all be working together so their SmartHome devices can work across platforms.

Homekit integration…Pretty please Amazon?

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No it doesn’t, it is hit and miss.

I have hoobs too, but it is hit and miss for me

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As a result of Ring (Amazon) not fulfilling their promise to deliver full HomeKit integration, I have cancelled my account and replaced my Ring device with a Logitech Circle View doorbell which is fully integrated with HomeKit.

Goodby Ring! After 5 years of waiting, you have lost me as a customer forever. That is the consequence of not meeting a promise.

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HomeKit support would definitely be favoured by many, probably would also make a lot of people buy for the functionality too.

Remember to vote for this request on our Feature Request board. Thanks for the feedback neighbors! :slight_smile:


Please add Apple HomeKit integration.

Or at least make the Ring Bridge HomeKit compatible.

Hi neighbors, you can add your vote and feedback to the associated feature request for Apple HomeKit below.

We utilize the Feature Request board to gather and share your feedback and suggestions with our team. :slight_smile:

Hoobs does work great until you change your password, then it becomes a pain. I need to reset hoobs and start over now… I really want Ring to be homekit compatible…