App won't Live connect on Data only on Wifi

If I had known how lacking Ring support was before I bought my doorbell and camera I wouldn’t have bothered. In the last few weeks I have been unable to connect to my doorbell & camera via the app when away from my home…e.g. on data not on wifi. And looking at other peoples complaints I don’t think I’m going to get this resolved am I? Has anyone experienced this and know a fix? My data signal is good and the connection from the doorbell to the wifi is strong, i’ve tried removing and reinstalling the app

No support at all anywhere only if you ring up, whilst I tried an online chat the person who I was talking to was highly unprofessional, knew nothing and made me feel really uncomfortable, repeating what I said and making statements is not good customer service nor being helpful.

The time given for opening hours isn’t even the time zone that the UK is in so you then have to google the opening times making it even more difficult to contact Ring.

I fear these products are going to end up in the bin, I was going to expand the cameras and buy more but don’t think I’ll bother! Doubt I’ll manage to get a refund for them either.