App update needed

Once a customer renewal takes place, the app should automatically switch back to professional monitoring. A customer should not have to do this manually. I was not told by an agent to do this when I called Ring to renew my 12 month contract. We had an alarm triggered at our home at 4am and the police was not notified by Ring, because I wasn’t told to make this manual change in my app.

My family could have been seriously injured or killed as we waited for the police to arrive, thinking someone had broken into our home. We had to contact the police ourselves and thankfully it was a false alarm.

Personally, I would never ever want my alarm system to “automatically” turn on unless I know about it, as in a schedule. Outside of that the user should have control. It’s unfortunate you didn’t check to make sure your alarm was on after you renewed.
Hopefully, that’ll be a lesson for all.