App suggestions for accounts with multiple alarms

So I’m in the process of slowly switching six different locations over to Ring alarms, from my old provider. There are a few things that I think could be worked on, for accounts that have multiple locations and a lot of users.

  1. I would like a dash board that I can look at all locations at the same time, showing the status of all alarms at all locations. I normally check this every single night, to make sure all alarm systems have been armed. This is a total pain with the Ring app, since I have to switch to each location, to see the status. You can do all cameras on one screen, why not all alarms?

  2. User management, I have to grant access to each user, for each location, and sent an invite for each location, and I also think the user has to accept every single invite as well. That means some users will have to accept six different invites to have access to all locations, and I have several users that will need that. I also have multiple users that need access to two locations. Normally I could add all the users to all systems that they needed access to within a few minutes (with our old system). This is a total nightmare way to do this, for larger accounts.

  3. Across ALL systems, I should be able to make a change to one location, and apply that setting to all similar items at all locations (offer check mark boxes, would you like to apply this setting to all the following devices?) Instead I have to go into each location, and change all sorts of settings at all locations, I have been working on trying to get all the systems correctly configured for quite a long time now, but I also have a full time job of own multiple businesses. (my old system also didn’t do this, but I wished it did). This is worse that the other two problems combined, this alone will take me weeks to get everything configured the way it should be.

  4. Cameras (this hits on one of the problems with issue #3): I have to instruct each user how to disable motion alerts for the cameras in retail locations, otherwise they would get thousands of notifications per day, and then they have to do that for every single camera they have access to… another total waste of time. Motion alerts maybe great if the camera is sitting at your house, and you may get 2-3 notifications per day, but in a business its nonstop. This should be a universal setting for the users when I setup their accounts. I was planning on adding 24-30 Ring cameras but there is no way in hell I will do that until this is fixed… ( currently have about sixty 1080p cameras, from other vendors, that are all in use currently) it would take a full month to get everything setup correctly, and I just don’t have the free time to spend fixing all of that, and it would drive my employees crazy. The managers getting a motion alert if someone is at the safe would be great, but that’s only five of the sixty cameras.

  5. THERMOSTATS and Switches: You are one of the only alarm companies that is not offering a thermostat option, I was REALLY hopping to get one app to control it all, I could put smart thermostats in each location, and change them remotely when checking the status of the alarms, and or cameras. Your competitor" formed by former Amazon employees" offers Thermostats. Amazon has thermostats that work with Alexa, but can I control them from the Ring app? … come on guys. Also need to add lighting controls, like WiFi switches, that we can change out existing switches that turn lights on/off, and have that inside the Ring app as well…

Think about it, employee leaves at the end of the day, in one click, they could enable the alarm, turn off all the lights, and have the thermostat change to after hours settings… ALL WITH ONE CLICK.

I know there are more things that I have come across, those are the big ones that the developers really need to think about. It’s one thing for people that only have 1-2 locations, and a few users. But for business uses, this is a complete mess the way it’s setup. Some of the settings you need to change are buried behind 5+ clicks to even get there, and then you have to do that on multiple items at multiple locations, hundreds to thousands of clicks to get that all done… bang head on wall.

(I have NOT checked out the website, too see if maybe there is a better way to do this, so far I have just been using my phone app to get everything working)

You do have a nice product, and fair pricing, but the support for larger setups really could use some work.

Hi @C0braChicken. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and suggestions on how to make improvements to the Ring Alarm system and the Ring App, particularly for those with multiple locations and various users such as a small business. I went ahead and moved your post over to the Feature Request board, as this is where we allocate any requests or suggestions like this to make it easier to share with our teams, and for other neighbors to express interest in ideas they see. :slight_smile: