API / Webservice ?

The easiest integration? Allow access to your API, as suggested here https://twitter.com/ring/status/1122970978894499841

N.b., many folks seem to have applied (myself included) with no response from Ring.

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Hey @KrisB! If you have yet to hear anything back about this program, we recommend that you email partners@ring.com for more information on your application and to get a quicker response.

I may do that.

However, the suggestion remains that an open API should be available… I shouldn’t need to be a “Ring Partner” in order to have access to the data generated by the devices I’ve purchased.

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The partner page and all traces have long since been removed but it doesn’t matter.

On behalf of huge maker and home automation communities that surround Ring products, I invite Ring to consider making the private API public or creating an API specifically for the purpose of allowing partners/makers/developers. The API, of course, would need to allow full functionality, especially subscribing to events.

With the change to IFTTT tinkerers like myself no longer have the flexibility to get events from Ring (even by way of a third-party service) to trigger events in home automation or in our projects.

I am personally extending this invitation since I have contributed a huge amount of time in helping multiple groups (the largest groups that have third-party Ring integrations in fact) understand and improve the functionality which in turn improves the user experience of your products.

Please work with the community to make integrations more than they are now… Allow us to subscribe and receive events rather than poll Ring services and potentially miss events. It’s better for us in that we won’t miss events and it’s better for Ring in that there would be much less overall traffic against the APIs.

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