Anyone knows why Alarm kit is not available to buy in Australia?

Hi Guys, it looks like there is no stock of Alarm kit in Australia market. The alarm kit is discontinued in Australia? I also did not find it in the local IT store such as JB Hifi and Harvey norman.

The reason i need to buy the alarm kit is because I would like to use the new emergency alerts feature in Do Not Disturb mode on Iphone however it only support alarm system not the camera? Any one knows how to get alerts during the “Do Not Disturb mode on Iphone” if we only have cameras not the alarm? Thanks.

Hi there, @geoffrey.y! The Alarm system is not available in Australia at this time. Feel free to keep an eye on this Community and for updates on availability in different regions. In regards to your inquiry about the Emergency Alerts in Do Not Disturb feature, this is indeed for the Alarm system only.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

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You have had the alarm out for 2 years, organizing a simple frequency change can’t be that hard, more its just your company not wanting to put the effort in to support customers in our market

So you go about bringing out these new products, change over plan names rah rah rah and yet still can’t work out how to release even the base level alarm for australians again. Ring you have lost me, i am dumping you as soon as I do some research to find some new security cameras and I am just going to pay for an alarm company.

Hi @Rohan. Thank you for sharing your feedback here in regards to the Ring Alarm’s availability in Australia. While I don’t have any updates to share on the availability of the Ring Alarm in your region, I’d recommend keeping an eye on for any updates on this availability, as new updates and product releases will always be posted there.

Keep an eye out? I asked about the security lights about 2 years and still nothing here in Australia/new zealand. I see you keep releasing nice new toys for USA but again nothing outside. But arlo is everywhere here in new zealand… Only reason I went with ring was because I liked your products and I do. I love the flood light but my god your product release suuuux!!!
Ring needs to sort it out. There are other countries in this world…