Anyone else have issues with monitoring service

I wanted to know if anyone else is having issues with the monitoring service through Ring. I’m still in my 30 day trial, I signed up for a year when I opened the account.

But I’m finding the monitoring may possibly be compromised. WhenI was in the initial 7 day test phase, my doorbell cam would alert and record when someone walked by my apartment, but when professsional monitoring started the only thing that it would record is me walking in and out. It didn’t pick up UPS and the postal worker dropping off packages. That got me suspicious, so I set up for audio recording if it was in Away/Guard mode- but not through Ring. Today, while I was out of town, i got a delayed notification of sound heard inside my apartment- but nothing from Ring. The notification was about 35 minutes late, which was unusual.

Anyone else finding the monitoring suspect? I think Ring contracts out to local security companies, and i live in Central Coast California. I know AT&T is their cellular partner, for the back up system when Wifi is unavailable.

Hi @cbird805. The monitoring service for our Ring Alarm is in no way connected to our Ring Cameras. The monitoring service only monitors the Ring Alarm and it’s corresponding Alarm Sensors. If you’re have issues with your cameras since you’ve installed your Ring Alarm, you might have activated Modes for Cameras. This changes the behavior of how they operate. More information about Modes can be found here.