Any workaround for Wi-Fi Jammers

When Burglars use Wi-Fi jammers- are they jamming one Wi-Fi connection or are they jamming just the connection to the camera?

Can you have multiple Wi-Fi connections so that if one connection is jammed then another one will connect automatically? Or different Wi-Fi connections per each camera (OMG)?

Why wouldn’t you guys have WPA3 compatibility which is much harder to jam?

I have read a response from Ring that suggest that Wi-Fi jammers are used by “specialized” burglars. This isn’t the case as you can buy them on Amazon (lol) and most criminals are now using them making these EXPENSIVE Ring cameras useless. So please - give me some ideas on how I can actually feel safe using these cameras?

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@Mike1967 PoE would be the best option I would like to see Ring up their offerings in that area however it just isn’t practical for a lot of people to run cat 6.


thanks for the reply. Going to look into POE equipment and quite frankly other cameras (non Ring) that actually use WPA3.

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