Any solution to replace modern features in today's exterior wall light

I have multiple ring products on each side of my house; except the garage or really any place that has a modern exterior wall (lantern style or otherwise light). My choices are limited to a spotlight or floodlight that serves their purpose but let’s be honest isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing.

First of all - they are on a switch; with the option to turn completed off (go dark). I realize any solution would require me to leave the switch on if I want any device to function so I can live with the switch remaining on. What I can’t live without is the dual-brite dawn to dusk feature. aka Lower light until motion is detected? I see the step light has this but no actual device that does video recording. Am I missing something?

Hi @vxooxv. Happy to help recommend what’s best here! Are you looking to have the video recording as well? Our Smart Lighting system doesn’t include any cameras with the devices as it’s just lighting, but the Smart Lighting is a bit more flexible with the light features you see on the Steplight. If you require the video recording, the best recommendation I have is the Floodlight Cam, as this has the brighter bulbs and advanced motion detection. The Spotlight Cam Wired has the same motion detection features, but the lights are slightly dimmer, but still very bright. Both devices do not have the feature to dim the lights though, they are simply on or off with motion and toggling them on/off.