Answering doorbell press is impractical

I’m having trouble quickly answering the doorbell. My phone displays a notification, but if I ignore pressing that notification and open the app, then until the video is processed and ready (which takes time) there is nothing in the app to indicate that someone has pressed the doorbell. However, people hang around for only 15 seconds or so, and they’ve already left by the time I’ve been able to open up Live View after my hesitation wondering whether someone was at the door. Immediately opening up Live View also does not show the person because they have walked away by then. It’s only when viewing the recording that I can see and understand what occurred.
What is the solution? (BTW, I have a hearing impairment and would not hear anything happening out of sight when I open up Live View, so asking out loud if anybody is there is not a solution.)

Hi @Bugster. You can tap on the notification you receive to automatically activate the Live View. If the visitor at your door is only there for a few seconds, then your window of time to activate the Live View and see them there in that moment is very short before the recording begins processing. I’d recommend tapping the notification when you receive it to check the Live View and see who is at your door.

Thanks @Caitlyn_Ring for replying. Via the notification/alert does appear to be the only practical way to answer the doorbell. I’ll try to remember that next time I’m using the phone for something else as I get the notification, so I’ll open the notification when I’ve completed my actions for the other activity instead of the app (eg if getting the notification when using my phone to pay at a retailer I’ll finish paying, then I’ll use the notification). Again, thanks!

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