Animals title under alert preferences / types in Neighbors app

My Neighbors app is blowing up with people posting tiny foxes under the “Safety” Alert Type. Can you please list an additional Alert Preference / Type “Animals” or something similar? A tiny red fox the size of a squirrel is hardly a Safety issue. I would hope not to miss an actual Safety issue because people keep posting a tiny animal under the Safety header and users having to turn off the Safety Alert because of this. Thank you!


Amen! Obviously no one at Ring cares that the coyote and fox posters posting wildlife videos at 2am are causing users to turn off safety alerts. Some are even deleting the app.

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Ya it’s already been posted but I’m tired of all the ohh there’s a bear post. Please for the love of god, add a wildlife tab.

Amen. Around here it’s coyotes and foxes. I all of recorded history there have been two people killed by coyotes. Deer OTOH, kill hundreds of drivers every year. I guess I should start reporting them for my neighbors “safety”. So sick of 2am coyote alerts that I turned my alerts off. I’m one step away from deleting the app because it’s become like Facebook and Twitter.

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Can we get “wildlife” as a posting category? Many people post videos of fox or deer in the “safety” category. Many of us enjoy seeing these critters, but categorizing harmless wildlife as safety is innacurate. They should not be “lost pets” either.

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I agree that there should be a category so that people can uncheck it as the posts they want to see. I am sick of seeing “coyote sightinigs” around my neighborhood getting deleted. I have small animals and thnk it is extremely neighborly to be given a heads up. They eat domestic animals often and I want to know when I need to be extra careful about taking my dogs outside. I am extremely livid about this topic and am sick of people either deleting the posts or posting horrible things… here are a few examples of what I am seeing: “Get a real dog, not a small one”, “Who cares?”, “Yes, wild animals exist”, “Go to bed”. While I haven’t personally had to post any wildlife sightings that pose a threat to small children and animals, I see them get deleted. The people reporting and the moderators who are deleting them are messing with the safety of my family. I really don’t care about “neighborly moments”. I want to protect my family. Please do something about this.

To add, I have discussed this issue with agents on a few separate occasions and I had (in so many words) asked if posts about coyotes were breaking the rules. I was simply told, “if the moderators are deleting them, then yes.”

This issue has been on my radar for a while and I have been struggling to find the time to go through topics and share my thoughts. I do my best to report things that are actually breaking the rules.

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We need a wildlife reporting category. I’m sick of idiots posting videos of coyotes at midnight. Is their a single pet owner who is not aware of the fact that there are coyotes in their area, and that letting their small pets out at night is a hazard? I turned off my alerts because I was tired of being alerted about coyotes. Some people post the videos of coyotes cruising through their yard at midnight, the following day. That’s completely worthless, and all these coyotes posts dilute the value of this app. Now I check this app daily when I’m bored instead of being alerted to a potential safety incident in my area (like a lost child or elderly person). Thanks coyote posters.

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This is really needed. The wildlife is always around, so there’s no need to post it as a Safety issue.