Animal Detection option under Smart Alerts

Squirrels and spiders and rabbits are killing me. I’d like to supress alerts for small animals while keeping alerts for big ones (skunk, dog, bears)


Yes false triggers due to spiders and flying insects such as moths are a huge problem.

Currently the Motion Settings have Smart Alerts that will only notify you if people are detected. However this feature is not useful for me as I want alerts for cars, bikes, etc on my property. The people detection also doesn’t always work, especially if they are near the edge of the camera’s vision.

I would suggest adding a feature to notify you of any movement, unless small animals like squirrels/cats/dogs are detected. This will ensure I’m notified of people, cars, bikes, etc. Until this feature is added, even on the minimum sensitivity Ring is mostly serving as a “Squirrel Detector”… lol

Hi @kyle315a. This is a great suggestion. I will share this feedback with our teams here. In the meantime, I’ll move this suggestion over to our Feature Request Board so other neighbors can add interest and vote for this feature!

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Tom_Ring -

Actually, I would STRONGLY object to the proposed feature being implemented unless it was somehow STRICTLY LIMITED to those users who were interested in such a feature.

Small animals are often the source of all sorts of really annoying problems (some of which are quite serious)… and thus, Ring hardware would quickly become far less useful if motion detection algorithms screened them out.

For example, even if the OP might not care if RATS were running around their property (including extremely close to the perimeter of their home/garage), I would think most Ring users would want such activity detected (and the associated notifications and video clips created).

I would like to see an AI feature like the nest doorbell has, to notify you who is at the door, and if it is a small animal or package.

SolarEclipse -

Actually, I tried using various trail camera strategies… but found them to be relatively useless when compared to “wired” security cameras (with the appropriate settings).

Relizare -

I would be very concerned with the use of any type of AI – unless all processing was done on your local device and no one could benefit in any way from any data/information except you. I assume that’s not the type of feature you are proposing.

Could enhance this feature to be so much more than just this. First add more filters such as vehicles and animals. Then once all the filters are added simply add the ability to filter motion alerts by filter type. So only get alerted for when people detected or animal detected or vehicle or any selectable combination of the filters. This would make everyone happy because your consumers would have to ability to manage for their specific preference.

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I have a small dog.

I would like the cameras in my home to track my dog and notify me if any other animals arrive such a bear or a coyote or another dog.

Currently I must wait for an agonizing yell in order to learn if my dog is in danger, leaving me less time to walk outside and take care of the problem.

If you need something to do, you know.

You could call it beast and bird of prey detection, with tracking.

You could even add support for with or without human.

I suppose you would also need snake detection.

You would need to be able to flag, “this beast lives on the property”.

Would love to have a pet detection setting om the ring ecosystem. Or at least better person. When my scottish terriers set off person detection there is an issue