Angle bracket with solar charger

For the Video Doorbell 2, is it possible to use the solar charger with the angle bracket?

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Hi there, @Webs2000! You can definitely install the Corner or Wedge Kit when using a Solar Charger for your Ring Video Doorbell 2. You may not want to use more than one of either of each to avoid a bulky look.


Good to know – thanks. Can you provide any specifics? I assume the angle bracket mounts on top of the solar charger, but I’m not surr which mounting holes should line up with what.

Hey @Webs2000! No specifics in particular, I just recommend buying the kit for the extra angle from us or Amazon, so just in case it doesn’t work out, you can easily return it. Play around with it and find a way that works best for you!


Every search on the Solar Charger results in that it is only compatible with the original ring video doorbell and not the ring 2 video doorbell.

Hiya @TheElliotts!

We do have solar chargers for the following devices, which I will attach a link to the product’s information page with it in this list:
Ring Video Doorbell Solar Charger

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Solar Charger

Stick Up Cam Battery/Spotlight Cam Battery Solar Panel

Stick Up Cam Battery/Spotlight Cam Battery Super Solar Panel

Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

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Thank you for your information and research! Will purchase soon!

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Hi Chelsea,

Do you happen to have a picture(s) of the solar charger + Doorbell2 + both angle kits? My need is both kits, and I’m debating the Solar kit now. Thanks!

Did you ever complete this? I am keen to have a look at the end product if you have pictures. I wasn’t sure it would work given solar panel has the micro USB cable but also a contact plate which I struggle to see connecting to the ring with a wedge in the way… I’m assuming the purpose of the contact is a tamper trigger. Any info would be welcome, thanks

Is there anything from Ring’s side showing the usage of all the doorbell, wedge and solar charger? I struggle to comprehend how the solar contact plate to the right of micro usb will remain in contact with the device with a wedge in place… Can you confirm the purpose of the contact and if it’s vital please?

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Great News, I was searching all over for this info, They should really add a note to the installtion docs on the use of wedge with the solar charger.


You can use one angle mount on top of the solar charger. If you need two like I do, you’ll need two find screws for the installation. None that came in the box as the correct length

I have the ring doorbell 3 plus that I connected to the solor charger and the wedge bracket, but I was told by Ring that I need to have it on 2 wedge brackets as it was icking up cars in the streets due to my house being on a hill.

I recieved the new wedge bracket, but how/can I connect two brackets and solor charger?

The screws provided are really short and won’t reach through two brackets to connect to the solor charger so is there screws I can get? or does anyone know the right size?

Same issue here. I have the solar 3 for ring 3 kit as well and the screws are too short to attach the solar panel to the corner kit. I think I would need screws twice as long as what’s provided to fit. Ring, do you sell any on the website or know the exact thread type and size so that I can order the screws separately?