Android widgets!

Would be cool to be able to place a widget on my Android phone’s home screen that instantly brings up a live stream from whatever cam I created the widget for. :blush::+1:

Yes, this would be a great feature to have! Currently you have to open the app, then press on the camera (if you have Tap Camera Preview for Live View turned on, otherwise you need to press again for live view). It’s only one or two extra interactions to get the live view up but that all takes time, and when someone is waiting at your door it can make a big difference. I’d love to be able to press one button on my phone, or tablets homescreen and the live view to load instantly.

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Yes, that would be great to have.

Hi neighbors, a new Live View widget is on a slow rollout for iOS and Android soon. This widget will allow you to easily access the Live View for your Ring Doorbell or Camera. You can find more information in our Community post here. Thank you for your continued feedback, and we hope you enjoy this new widget!

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