Android app won't "rotate"

I am surprised that the current Android app always displays in “Portrait” mode. It does not “rotate” to “landscape” mode like most other Android apps and the Android home screen, etc.

Has it always had this limitiation, or is it some recent regression? I tried two different Android devices (phone and tablet) using two different Ring accounts, and some variations such as starting app when already rotated (vs rotating after app was already started).


Hey @DougHo! Screen rotation will work during live videos, recorded video playback, and timeline video viewing. Otherwise, you are correct, the App will remain in portrait mode by design.

In 2019…this is terrible

many customers use a tablet as a smart home central in landscape format

I hope for an update


Thanks for your answer. By design it should rotate to the customers screen orientation though! :slight_smile:


only in live video

This is horrible.

We want to have android smart displays through out a smart home and would like to use Ring cameras. This is a deal killer. Why in the world would anyone design an app like this?!?!


I use an app called Rotation Control by CrapeMrytle. This solves my issues with using a tablet in landscape mode with apps that don’t follow the tablet. It locks it in landscape and forces the app to stay in landscape.


I had a chance to try the Ring app on Apple IPad and it works in landscape mode just fine as soon as it opens. Then it rotates accordingly. So why is this feature on iOS only and not Android?


Hi Neighbors – what app version is this happening on?

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Version 3.20.0

@Eagle328, Thank you. It’s been a LONG time since I had to look into help for rotation. Now my Fire 7 2017 (which has been relegated to function as my ring chime/video) works as I’d hope for that.

Glad to hear it worked for you.

How did you get it to work?

The app didn’t work for me.

That’s a terrible design. So many people use tablets for smart home management. When the tablet is mounted on the wall in landscape its a bit difficult to read an interface in portrait. This isn’t something that is difficult or time consuming to code, there is literally no good reason for this.


I ended up using an app called Ultimate Rotation Control by FaMe IT and that forces the app to rotate to landscape.

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Is incongruent with other Apps by Ring.

The Ring App runs on Landscape Mode. The Rapid Ring App runs on Landscape Mode.

Why is the Neighbors by Ring app not consistent with other apps in the Company? It is a silly decision to design an App to only run in Portrait mode by design.

This should be easily remedied. Please fix it.

Most people that use iPads and Android Pads will use their devices in Landscape mode.

Otherwise, a terrific app. I just refuse to use it whenever I am on my iPad. I use my device with a keyboard, which forces landscape mode.


Thanks for the tip on the Rotate Control app. Works perfect!

I originally bought the Amazon Echo thinking that would be how I watch my cams but Ring is horrible on that device. So I pulled out my old android tablet and with your suggestion of this Rotate Control App, I have the perfect camera screen now.


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All versions I’ve used over the last year have this bug, keep hoping the next ‘update’ fixes this…

On 3.26.0 on android.

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