Android App Portrait Mode for History View Playback

On the IOS application historical videos play in portrait mode. On Android it automatically plays back in full screen landscape mode with no way to change this. When viewing many videos you have to keep rotating the phone and it is super annoying. Please add portrait viewing to the historical view on android devices. Disabling auto-rotate on the device does NOT WORK.

This is incredibly annoying, the slightest movement of my phone causes the video, and my entire screen, to rotate while all I’m trying to do is reach for the close button on the video or even the system back or home buttons. At least make it a an option that can be toggled on/off.

I prefer the landscape mode when viewing a video from my ring doorbell. However I can’t seem to get it back on an Android device. Video just displays in portrait mode so I’m not getting the wide view. It used to rotate automatically into the landscape view so I have no idea what happened over the last 24 hours or so.

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My Android just started locking the playback into portrait mode also. And I can’t find anything to fix it. Worked fine until just a few days ago. Sure would like to hear a guru tell us what to do.