Android app needs long press shortcuts and/or widgets

Almost 4 years ago, Android introduced ‘app long press shortcuts.’ These are similar to Apple’s 3D touch, where long pressing on an app icon gives a host of other options which were normally buried within the app. It looks like the Ring app still doesn’t have this!

It’s a shame because now that Ring’s family of products has grown considerably, these long-press shortcuts could get us to specific functions much quicker. Specifically, for example, checking alarm devices. Right now, you have to open the app, then hit menu, then hit Devices, then hit Alarm Base Station, and then finally you can see all the sensors.

The same idea can be implemented as a Ring widget as part of the app. Click on the widget, and you’re there at your desired app destination. I bet ‘live view’ at a certain camera would be extremely popular. Or, as above, at the alarm devices menu.

We’ve needed this feature for a long time. EASY implementation too. Ring Staff why don’t you listen to your community?