An idea for the next version of Ring Doorbell and/or Security Cams?

Been a longtime Ring user, I’ve just updated from the RIng Doorbell V1 to the new Doorbell 3 Plus.

Just had an idea for the next version.

Say you have a Ring Doorbell which is battery operated or mains powered with battery backup and a criminal cuts the power to your home or there is a blackout to the area and you have a Ring Protect which relies on a functioning internet connection to upload Ring content like Motion Dectection etc.

Say the power got cut. Most peoples internet connection is offline due to the power outage, that means you will have nothing in the aspect of recordings from your Ring Products to the cloud.

How about a Ring product that has a memory backup via battery. It will record and store on the product till the internet comes back online and then it will upload to the cloud (Ring Protect)

Does this sound like a good idea?