Amazon Show to display live view on motion detection NOT just on doorbell ring

Update / Improve the Amazon Ring skill so that it automatically displays on an Amazon Show 8 device etc… the Camera Live View when motion is detected NOT JUST on door bell ring.

Right not it auto shows on door bell ring, but with motion it annoyingly says “There is motion detected at your driveway/front door”… instead of telling me - SHOW ME AUTOMATICALLY!


Exactly what I came her for.

98% of my package deliveries sense motion, but I cannot configure it to SHOW it on my Alexa Show Gen 2, (as the courier almost never ring the bell) which I bought for that purpose. I have a home office, and I would like to see what is causing the motion, rahter than simply hearing about it.

I do agree.

This should be a must have!

Excellent idea

Agreed this should be a feature not just on the Ring Doorbell but on the Stickup Cams and other motion detecting cams. Also the Ring Rapid app should go straight to Live view when you open app rather than opening app and then having to press the little arrow (or alternatively there should be a widget option that does this)

Yes, please program some interfaces to allow motion detection events (doorbells Pro HD…, cameras with lights/floodlights…) to be shown on Echo Show devices.


Can’t believe this is still not available.

I bought the Show 5 as it was deemed required for the Blink XT2 security camera and was bitterly disappointed that motion doesnt trigger the camera on neither the Echo Spot or Echo Show.

90% of the time everyone ignores the ring doorbell and knocks the door or presses the wired bell instead… Even with the ring security sticker at eye level on the front door.

Please make this happen. This would be a significant user experience improvement. Thank you.

Me Too!

That’s why I purchased the Echo Show 5. I thought I would see what caused the motion.

This is why I purchased the Show as well - assumed that this was built in. Afterall, Amazon owns Ring - why isn’t more tightly integrated?