Amazon Sho

I have an amazon show, that is connected to Ring via the ring skill, but it is painfully slow to show you whos at the door. Is there any way to connect Rapid Ring to the Amazon Show?

Before I get the usual comments about its my wifi singal, I have perfect wifi, cat6e shielded routed around the house and outbuildings with wired in wifi extenders. The show comes up “waiting for” for a good while before connecting. I can pickup my phone (which is next to the show) and click the rapidring app and open my front door camera before the show connects, which is on the same wifi.

My doorbell is less than 1ft away from my main router through a glass window and the RSSI -32.

Hi @RichardB1. There is not a way to have the Rapid Ring app as a skill on the Amazon Echo Show. When you ask Alexa to “show you the Front Door”, how long does it take to activate the Live View?

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