Amazon shipping issue - Terrible Ring Customer support and is not helpful

I am having issue with amazon showing shipment is delayed in transit. I received email from ring stating my final shipment has shipped, that was on Feb 27. On March 1 I did not receive the shipment and I contacted ring. the representative said have to give it 5 days and to call back on friday March 4. I called on Friday March 4 and the first ring representative said I have to contact Amazon to find my shipment, not ring and he hangs up on me. I call back get another presentative and she says cannot help me. then she says i have to wait 7 business days. her attitude was like i was trying to steal from ring. I spent almost an hour trying to get this person to understand the situation.

Now from apping GA to Charleston, SC is only a 3.5 hour drive so it is not like it is being driven from middle of the country.

Rings gets your money and after that it is the customer problem, not rings problem that ring products are not arriving to the customer.

ring is not very helpful. thanks goodness i order on create card as I am not contacting my bank to stop payment until i get the rest of my shipments.

I will definitely pass along my story to others that are looking to buy ring products.

Hi @sgnormo. I know it’s frustrating to deal with shipping delays or issues receiving an order. If you ordered from, you would need to contact their support for assistance with your order. If you ordered from, you can contact our support team to inquire about the status of your order. The Ring Community is a public forum for general troubleshooting, so we don’t have access to account or shipping information.