Amazon Prime rep. Parks,walks and drops without being recorded.

Has anyone noticed their camera not working when an Amazon prime representative comes to their home? I have had three incidences where I have no history recording but I know they have approached my home and left without any recording at all. My concern is do they have some kind of mechanism that blocks your system from working when they approach homes? My normal Postal Service was recorded walking up to my door and then one hour later Prime did the exact same thing and was not recorded. I was just home to visualize the entire event. Any body have an idea? Something seems very odd about it.

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It would be great to see your motion zones and settings, @Wjmilde . There is no mechanism or blocking of video of any kind. We’re here to help with your motion zones if you would like assistance with them!

I am planning on returning the product. No need in seeing motion zones. I have enough data to know this system can not be trusted.

Feel free to take a look at some recent blog post that may help with any doubts you have.

A letter from Jamie & Setting the Record Straight

I always see them on my camera so far.

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I have a recording of every Amazon package delivery to my house.

Sometimes, a neighbor can even catch them trying to take/open their packages:

And here’s another such incident:

What’s your voltage and RSSI (for the Ring Doorbell)?

Technically, someone could jam WiFi signals with some device that might hinder the proper operation of a WiFi device like a Ring doorbell. But that’s a little far-fetched.

I have been having that same problem with Amazon delivery by Amazon vehicle or Amazon workers walking up to my door, no video of them delivering my packages. My Ring video Door bell recorded any vehicle passing my house(that’s setting) and anyone coming toward my door. First time this happen I saw the package in front of my door and was wondering when was this delivered so I check my camera feed, all I see was the package sitting in front of my door, did not show who delivered it or when it was delivered. There was recording before and after the package was delivered but none during the time when it was delivered. I use Live feed and check my street(I can see what going on the street 5 to 6 houses to the left and right of my house), the time period that the package was delivered no movement on my street. It happen several times after and it is only when Amazon is delivering to my home. When Amazon vehicles deliver(or passed my home) to other addresses on my street my Ring camera pick them up.

Today(5/28/2020)someone knock on my front door, they did not ring either Ring door bell or my ordinary door bell, I look outside and saw the Amazon van park infront of my house, the driver has delivery for 4 other houses nearby(van was infront for atleast 10 minutes). After the van left I check my Ring door bell camera to see why they did not ring the door bell, no recording of the delivery


This happened to me this morning. Amazon Prime driver dropped off an empty, cut open package. No video was taken. However, I walked out front shortly after and multiple videos were recorded (of me, not the Amazon Prime driver who delivered empty, cut open package).

This happened to me this morning (7/19/20). Amazon Prime driver dropped off an empty, cut open package (They left a pic of the cut open package on our front doorstep. No Ring Doorbell video was taken of the driver delivering it or taking the picture). However, I walked out front shortly after and multiple videos were recorded (of me, not the Amazon Prime driver who delivered empty, cut open package). Not sure if the ring doorbell was dysfunctional or it was circumvented by the Amazon Prime driver. It is dissappointing the ring video doorbell did not work the first time this happened to us. Seems like it can be circumvented somehow Jennifer_Ring.