Amazon Echo Show Live View Not Working? Try these fixes

Is your echo show live view not working? We have got you covered. Keep reading to discover the solution!

The Echo Show is a smart speaker with a built-in camera. The Echo Show 10 now allows you to video call and seek information on food recipes. The Echo Show works the proper way and helps you do the kitchen calls to home and make the delicious things you want. But sometimes users with echo show 5,8,10 face an Echo Show live view not working issue. If you’re having that particular issue, read the complete blog. This post contains possible causes and fixes when you get the “live view isn’t available right now please try again later” error!

Why is Echo Show Live View not working?

Your device can not show the live view because of an unstable internet connection. For instance, if you have a camera that supports live viewing only with a Wifi connection. Echo Show 5,8,10 live view not working can be caused by problems with the internet connection or router when other devices are using them as well. If your internet connection is working fine but you are still experiencing live view isn’t available right now please try again later on Echo Show, there must be other issues at play. Your settings are not supporting the device, or you need to update your Alexa device. But before you do anything, make sure you contact the Alexa experts and discuss your queries.

Echo Show live view not working with Alexa App

When users face the Echo Show live view not working, some also run into the issue of their Alexa app not syncing with the device. This may prevent you from using all the features of the Echo Show 5,8, and 10. if the app is not syncing properly, you may receive a notification that live view isn’t available right now please try again later. So what could be causing a syncing issue between the Echo Show and app? It can be a bad Wi-Fi connection or an old version of the Alexa app.

Steps To Fix Echo Show 5,8,10 Live View Not Working Issue

We all love it when the Echo Show is fully functioning and helps with our everyday tasks like home monitoring and video chatting. Otherwise, it can be a hassle. Let’s dive into some ways to solve the big issues:

  • Turn Home Monitoring ON & OFF

The amazing home monitoring feature of the Echo Show works great when connected to Echo’s camera and the doorbell camera. Any glitch in the Echo Show system can cause the Echo Show Live View not working issue. The live view problems are easy to fix. Most problems with electronic devices are treated with a simple restart. Disabling and enabling the home monitoring feature can help you here. To solve this, you can tap on the settings tab on the monitor, camera, and home monitoring. Wait for a few minutes after disabling the feature and then enable it again.

  • Update the Alexa App

If the live view is not working, there must be an issue with the app. The Echo Show works with the Alexa app and allow live viewing. The outdated version of the Alexa app can cause problems. If you’re using an old version, its time to upgrade your version of app and device also. Luckily, new versions and updates of the app are regularly released. Each model is launched with s more and better features than the previous model. For example, the Echo Show 10 has more features than the Echo Show 8, which has more features than the Echo Show 5.Simply update the app and fix the problem of the Echo Show live view not working.

  • Use stable Wifi Connection:

Connecting to a slow Wi-Fi will bring down the quality of your video calls and video streaming. When you receive the live view isn’t available right now, please try again later error, its because echo show needs a stable internet connection to display its live view. In addition to this, connecting too many devices to the same internet can affect its ability to show the live view. Make sure to check the strength of your internet connection. This is because stronger and faster Wi-Fi ensures the smooth running of the device. Also, use an internet connection that has fewer users or single router specifically for your device.

  • Fix the Echo Device Settings

The Echo Show has definite settings and any changes might affect the live view. If you accidentally turn on the Do Not Disturb feature, it will disable the Echo Show camera and turn the privacy mode on. If live view is not working, check if that’s the case. To protect your privacy in case you have to do behind-the-scenes work

  • Navigate towards the Echo screen down from the top.
  • Click on the “Do Not Disturb” option from the options.
  • Make sure to turn “Do Not Disturb” off.
  • Check your live view.

So whenever the camera is covered, the live view can’t be shown. To solve this, you need to swipe the camera shuttle to the left. Once the camera is uncovered, you will solve the issue easily. After all this, you can turn privacy mode off by tapping the mic or camera button. The red bar at the bottom of your device will disappear.


These troubleshooting tips for Echo Show 5,8,10 live view not working can help you restore access to real-time live feeds. It is evident that Echo Show live view not working has several possible causes, so it’s important to identify the source before fixing anything. If you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work, contact the Alexa support team.

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