Amazon Echo Show 10 showing on Ring Account

My Amazon Echo Show 10 shows up on my ring account as Uncovered Device and I keep getting the Protect Plan Trial message in my ring app. Tried unlinking my amazon account from Ring and or removing the Echo from Alexa they remove the device form RIng but as soon as I add the Device back to Alexa and relink accounts it shows up again in on Ring account. Very annoying messages.

Called Ring and they said its Amazons problem because they don’t have troubleshooting steps and Amazon could not fix the issue either.

Isn’t this bordering on being a security issue if Ring has access to your Echo devices??? I thought the linking was supposed to be one-way from Ring to Amazon not the other way around?

Hello @syntis75. That was an excellent troubleshooting step to try to see if it would remove the message you are getting. I would not have any other basic steps to offer to try and help resolve this, which is why I’m going to recommend you reach out to our support team on Facebook to further investigate. To reach out to them, send a private message to @Ring.