Amazon Astro and Ring Devices Setup Question

I am not sure if any of you can help but you are my last ditch effort.

I have tried Amazon Technical Support and they seem to know very little about how Astro works or how to set it up with Ring devices in spite of the fact their promotional material states everywhere Astro can be both linked and react to a RIng device.

I have tried searching YouTube and Google with no success either so if you guys can’t help I am just going to send it back unopened.

I bought the Ring Door Sensor that triggers when a door is opened.

All I want to do is have Astro go to the Front Door when the Ring device is activated, notify me and let me see who is coming into our condo.

I am not worried about burglars or break-ins since we are in a high rise condo.

The issue is workman, exterminators, and all kinds of people can enter our condo when we are gone because that is the price you pay when you live in one.

On a few occasions someone came in and left the sliding glass door open to our balcony when they left. That doesn’t do your furniture or electronics any good.

I just need to know how to get Astro to notify me and go to the front door when the Ring door sensor is triggered.
Does anyone here know how to do that?

As I said, this is the main reason I bought it but no one and I mean NO ONE has any idea how to get Astro to work with Ring Devices in spite of the fact that they have numerous promotional videos showing it using Ring Devices to confront and intruder.

Hi @user71313. You said you bought a Ring Contact Sensor - do you already have the Ring Alarm Pro Security System? The Contact Sensor cannot be set up on its own, you need the Ring Alarm Base Station as that is what it connects to. I also want to note that the Ring Protect Pro subscription is required in order to schedule patrols with Astro, and have Astro investigate events, like a triggered Motion Detector or Contact Sensor.

With that said, I found some information about teaching Astro to check a specific door or window. According to this article from Amazon, you can have Astro learn a specific door or window so you can ask Astro what the status of it is. That may be an option if you want to know the status of a door or window without fully investing in the Ring Alarm Pro and the Protect Pro subscription.

I hope this information helped answer your questions so you can decide what will be the best option. If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know, though our information will be a bit limited as this is an Amazon device.

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