Am I hardwired or not?

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). I’ve installed this with a wired connection to the previous doorbell power supply. The voltage measures 13.5v at the connecting screws on the back of the doorbell. Device Health on my dashboard reports the power source as battery, not hardwired. However, the mobile app shows the battery symbol with a lightning strike in it. The battery percentage has not increased by even 1% in the 5+ hours since the the hardwiring connection was made. Am I hardwired or not?

Hi @loades;. Battery powered Doorbells, such as the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) are powered by the rechargeable battery. Hardwiring a battery powered Doorbell will provide a trickle charge to the battery to help extend the amount of time between manual charges. A trickle charge is not as quick as when you manually charge the battery with the provided charging cable.

You can find more information on charging the battery by hardwiring your Doorbell here. If the battery is draining more quickly than expected, try the troubleshooting steps here. For persistent battery and power concerns, please follow up with our support team to take a closer look.