Always request pin code/duress code (no other option) - call from Ring Monitoring Center

When the alarm is triggered, currently you get a call from the Monitoring Center. This is an automated call that gives you 2 options: you would press (1) if everything is OK and it was an accidental alarm, you would press (2) if you need help. When you press (2), then you can provide your pin code/duress code. However, in the event there is an intruder in your home and you are under coercion, when you receive the call and the intruder hears that you can press (1) to let Ring know that everything is OK, you don’t even get a chance to press (2) and introduce your duress code to ask for help. The call should ALWAYS ask you first for the pin code (or duress code if you are in a duress situation) so that you can make sure in a duress situation you have the chance to communicate that to the Monitoring Center without the intruder knowing about that and without the intruder being able to force you to press (1) and deactivate the alarm altogether. Otherwise, in a duress sitatuation the alarm is just useless.