Alternate "Valet" User Pin for Arm/Disarm

I had a recent incident that made me think of a useful feature: much like some cars have “valet” keys that will not open the trunk or glove compartment and restricts driving, it would be nice if there was a second pin I could set to arm/disarm the system that I could give away - and in the mode settings for disarm for the alternate pin only - set the cameras to monitor and provide alerts.

How this came about: my apt complex tried to enter without giving notice. All previous times they had provided notice when they were coming, even though upon re-review of the lease they didn’t have to (contract states they can enter at any time so long as they leave a note in plain sight) - so I had to give my PIN to the leasing office. At the time I was out of town, so it wasn’t a big deal to enable all the cameras to record and provide motion alerts for the disarm mode. Now that I’m back home, I don’t want the cameras set like that when i’m home, but I also want to know what goes on when the leasing office decides to send someone over.