Allow to AUTO-mute Ring display on Echo Show

First of all, there is no “official” way to get Ring camera display motions on Echo. It’s done through a set of macros, which is really dumb.

Secondly, for some unknown reason, the preview on Echo stays on FOR LIKE 30 MINUTES. For 30 minutes, unless I walk downstairs every 20 minutes, the wing swooshing, all people talking outside, all car noises - it all just BLASTS thorough the house.

I’ve gad my Echo unplugged for nearly 2 months, because we can’t stand it.

I’m furious that Ring actually has such poor quality/quantity of features. It’s so dumb.

Find a way to have Ring motion be auto-muted on Echo Show.

You can use the “Wait” function in the Alexa routine you have created to turn the preview off after a set amount of time. I have mine set to 30 seconds.