Allow multiple Doorbell presses repeatedly

When you press the doorbell button it chimes and rings our physical bell. But if you press the button again it doesn’t do anything. Every time you press the button it should be able to ring the physical bell, and have the option to electronically chime.

That’s exactly what the software of the Chime and Doorbell should do by setting. If somebody presses again just 3 seconds after the first time, it should ring again.

Also The amount of rings should be adjusted in the app. It’s just simple software.

Last night, our deck caught on fire in the middle of the night while our whole family was asleep. A concerned citizen passing by stopped and came to our door to try to wake us up and get us out of the house. He stood there pressing the doorbell 100+ times for it to ring only once, which was not enough to wake ANY of us up. The fact that it does not ring every time it is pushed is absolutely going to get people killed! This is so beyond unacceptable in emergencies. Please fix this!


After pressing the doorbell once, the door bell doesn’t allow to press the ring button again for a long time. Either the callers should be allowed to ring again after a shot period or there should be a setting to set this delay timer in between the two consecutive rings.

The ring product team should consider traditional doorbell operation (press the button and it rings) as MVP, if they want to increase value by adding the option to set a delay between rings then great; but do not force the delay without any ability to disable it.

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Just installed Ring doorbell Pro 2, I discovered the problem that it can’t perform multiple rings and I found it is a common problem with Ring doorbell from ring community, does anyone know will it be solved and fixed by updating firmware?

My Ring Pro 2 will only physically ring once every 60 seconds so if I miss the first ring I have to hope the person knocks the door as the doorbell is useless and no one will stand there for a minute waiting to ring again. Let the bell ring once to trigger alerts and recording etc but allow it to continue tp trigger a chime within that recording event. I see this has a few threads complaining about it over the years it’s just not acceptable to have a £250 bell that can’t be rung twice.

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I have a Ring Pro 2 now when the bell has been pressed once & the cameras been activated. If my guests try to press the ring button again while the cameras active. The Ring pro will not ring a second time. This has caused problems when I’ve been out & my phone’s off as my guests (girlfreind) have thought that I’ve seen them in the camera & deliberately switched off the Ringer on my bell.

Please can you fix this with an update to allow the bell to ring again while the camera is active at least on the outside speaker for the benefit of our guest.

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After someone rings the doorbell they cannot ring a second time. If I did not hear it and my phone alarm is off, the doorbell goes unanswered. I would like the doorbell be able to be rung more than once.

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Should behave like an analogue doorbell, the minimum requirement being; ring when pressed. :crazy_face:

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This is embarassing.

Devs, when someone pushes the doorbell button, make the doorbell ring!

I’m going to look for an alternative product…

IDK why this is still not fixed. The ability to have the doorbell ring EVERYTIME you push the button should actually be the default instead of just 1. Just doesn’t make sense. This is the same issue with the ZMODO video doorbell that I replaced with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.

I agree with everyone here. It makes no sense that a door bell does not ring the chime with every press. It makes for a very mushy and unresponsive user experience. I always thought the weird delays and the button itself chiming away was the sign of a poor install, but now that I own one, I see that it’s a defect in the design of the product. It’s great to layer new and more advanced features over the function of a regular doorbell, but it should still function like a regular doorbell.

I still can’t believe that Ring is not able to fix this issue which was reported a few years ago by so many people. I would not have bought this doorbell if I knew about this issue. What the hell their product manager and engineers have been doing all these years?

Another vote here. Any update on this? It’s been a known request for a while.

Wall of text/rant coming:

Nearly every visitor who has used my doorbell has reported it as “broken” because of this behaviour. Some stand there and smash the button as they think it needs to be pushed harder because it doesn’t ring again, which I worry will damage the button (if it hasn’t already). Someone else in this thread described the user experience as “mushy”, and I think that’s a perfect way to put it.

Combined with my other issues of the doorbell not always triggering the connected Chime Pro or sometimes after a delay of a few minutes, this really is an unusable doorbell as it stands now, sorry to say!

I’d rather not look for another brand, since I also have 2 Ring security cameras, but I’ll start looking for an alternative (maybe even just go back to a traditional doorbell) if this behaviour isn’t changed soon. :man_shrugging:t2: The app and my other cameras work well, so it would be unfortunate if I and others had to look elsewhere for a doorbell just due to a lack of a software update.


I’m considering returning the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 as the main feature of a doorbell should be the bell functionality. I just got a Doorbell Pro 2 and I was really disappointed to find out the bell will only ring once. I have it connected to a Ring Chime and it should ring every time the button is pressed, not just once per recording. You can change the recording length to 50 seconds but that isn’t really much of an improvement. I don’t see why the software couldn’t have a different delay for recording activations and chime activations.

It’s a real shame that Ring have neglected the primary function of a doorbell, the bell!

When someone presses the doorbell, they have to wait long before they can press a second time. Could it be made possible to shorten this time or even set it to 0, so one can repeatedly press to make the chime or internal bell sound multiple times.

Yes, very good idea

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Yes…I AGREE!!!

I know someone whose neighbor alerted them that their attached garage was completely engulfed in flames, and their repeated ringing the doorbell is what saved their life. You seem to come to many feature requests and dispute. Maybe consider not replying at all?