Allow me to upload my own chime file to doorbells and chimes

I want to be able yo upload my own mp3 file to play when the doorbell is pressed. This would need to be also be uploaded to any chime (multiple files for the chime, one for each bell).

I want to choose what plays rather being told what should be played when someone presses my doorbell.

With my old doorbell i could upload up to 8 mp3 files for the bell to use.
I could change it regularly depending on the season.

Just because its called a doorbell does not mean it had to play bells or, or even appalling electronically generated sounds of bells.


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I have already supported the customisation of alarm sounds that you posted on here but really this is not the same thing. This request is about the sounds the doorbell make when the button is pressed…nothing to do with the alarm system.

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The sound your doorbell makes is an App Alert Tone for your rings (doorbell button depressed), such as Ring Default, Antique Ding Dong, Ping Pong, Cowbell, etc. So mine wasn’t just meant for alarm system devices, but rather meant to have the additional “Custom” added to the list of available App Alert Tones where you could import your personal sound file into that “Custom” spot, for any Ring device, including the Chime & Chime Pro, and any device that has Alert Tone or Chirp sound selection list. So then it could be heard on your Chime/Chime Pro device, Base Station, and Ring App too. :slight_smile:

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Maybe I am not correct but as far as I can see there are two sets of sounds here … and the reason for my post is that I beleive the text of your request just deals with the second set.

The first set is stored in the bell device and the chime unit - these sound when the bell is pressed … and the second set are the ones in the app itself which sound through the device the app is running on. As far as I can see the ones in the bell sound regardless of it being connected so if the device is off line they still sound. The chime needs to be online but they are a defined set of tones available to choose from in the chime unit.

I already use my alexa to make announcements based on the bell push - eg alexa announces “there is someone at the door” when the bell is pushed … but the person standing on the doorstep just hears the one I selected from the limited choice of tones in the bell itself … and the app running on my phone plays the tones I selected there which could be different from the doorbell.

I previosly had an MP3 doorbell where I could upload a sound file and it would use that so I could change the tune depending on the season and how I felt … I could use “happy birthday” on the days of peoples birthdays, a christmas tune at christmas etc …

So … my request is specifically about being able to load tunes to the bell and chime devices and not related to the tunes the app plays - from reading your request it did not seem to cover this first set of tunes.