Allow Light in a Group to ONLY Turn On via its Own Motion Detection?

Do I understand this correctly? There is no way to prevent a light in a group from coming on during a motion event on one of the OTHER lights in that group without entirely disabling that light’s motion detection?

I have two wired floodlights and a battery step light in a group. The desired behavior is that I want to control all three devices, as a group, in the app and via Alexa. However, I do NOT want my floodlights, when turned on by motion, to turn on my battery step light. I want my step light to turn on when it detects motion itself, though.

“Which devices should detect motion in Group: When the devices you select detect motion, all lights in this group will turn on” is in the Group Motion Control menu. If I deselect my step light here, it disables ALL motion detection for the step light. Again, I would like to have the step light NOT be turned on by motion detected by other devices and only be turned on by its own motion detection.

Am I missing something somewhere? Thanks, in advance!

Hi @RonH2K. I think the best approach would be place the Battery Step Light in a group of its own, separate from the group with your Wired Floodlights. This should allow the Step Light to behave in the way you desire. You can learn more about Light Groups in this Help Center article here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply, @Tom_Ring , but that misses the first point in the desired behavior listed. That step light is located in the back yard, where the two floodlights are, so it is quite natural to consider that a common sense group… aptly named, “Back”. Again, I want to be able to control ALL of the lights in that group via app and Alexa with one command.

The fix/enhancement is to allow a light within a group to do its own thing with motion detection WITHOUT necessarily having to turn ALL of the other lights in that group on. With the current state of the app, if I tell a device NOT to turn on everything in a group, that disables that device’s motion detection. A device should be able to still do motion detection and turn itself on without having to turn everything in the group on.