Allow for keypad Alarm Mode LED indicator lights to stay on

On my legacy non-connected alarm system, there are simple green/red LEDs which stay always-on, so I can tell from a glance what mode the system is in. The Ring keypad only turns on if a button is pressed or if you walk directly in front of it. Suggestion to allow a feature to keep the LEDs on so I can see it across the room.


I have both Gen1 and Gen2 keypads, in the process of switching everything over to Gen 2

Please allow the Gen 2 Alarm leds to remain on with the option to dim as necessary.

I would like to view across the room to visually know the Ring Alarm in armed without haveing to use the phone app or walk over to the keypad.

The Gen 1 keypad lights were too bright for the bedroom, the Gen2 keypad light need to be dimable and optionally remain on. Only the keypad number should go off when not in use


I just installed my Gen 2 Ring Alarm system and was searching for awhile trying to figure out where this setting was. Alas, it doesn’t exist.

Ring, please allow users to control the duration of the Keypad backlight!

This is a super basic function and I’m shocked that my brand new $200 Ring Alarm system doesn’t allow it.


I too think that the keypad lights should have an “always on” setting so the keypad can be seen in the dark. Or better yet, the keypad lights automatically go on when it is dark. If there is an emergency and it is dark, it might be difficult for someone to find the keypad, thereby possibly causing them harm. I think this is a safety issue that needs to be addressed promptly.


Agree with others, please make keypad available with always on LED backlit buttons, especially the status indicators.


Agree! The keypad lights should stay on when armed.



Completely agree with need to have mode light illuminated always so one can see if the system is armed from across the room . Seems like a basic feature!


When will Ring update keypad gen 2 software so backlight is always on. I need this function asap. Please respond. Thank you.


Seriously! This is one of the worst parts of the Ring system, getting something so basic, simple, and important so wrong. Stop ignoring your customer feedback and give us a way to keep the indicator lights on!


Totally agree. This seems like it would be a super easy config setting for Ring to add. My old system used to have either a green or red indicator light on the key pad. We also had a keypad in the bedroom so it was nearly impossible to go to sleep without forgetting to turn the alarm on. The dimmable component of this request is also important. If you have a dark room, you may not need much light at all.

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Just got my 2nd Gen keypad and I miss the status indicator lights. Please make that an option!


Is there a work around solution? I have a 2nd gen keypad by my front door. Without looking at my phone APP, I have no way of knowing if the alarm is in HOME, AWAY or DISARMED mode.

I wave at mine from a short distance and it immediately lights up to tell me.