Allow for cameras to sound when alarms go off

It would be nice to enable for Ring floodlights/spotlights/stick-up camera and doorbells to have their alarms go off when the Ring Alarm goes off.
It also would be nice to be able to choose if a ring alarm door or motion sensor being tripped sounds the outdoor sirens instead of the indoor ones

A good example is the attached photo. I have a door sensor and motion sensor in my outdoor tool shed. If those sensors are tripped I don’t necessarily need the house alarm to go off as if I’m in danger, instead having the outdoor flood light and spotlight cameras go off would ensure the person was made aware they had been caught in the action.
This could be expanded to the future ring auto so that when the car is in the driveway if the car alarms are tripped any cameras one had could also go off.

Also it would be nice to link my echo devices from the ring app to give me an alert (someone is breaking into the shed/car!) instead of having to go through the Alexa app.