Allow continuous recording

I don’t understand why Ring is SO resistant to allowing continuous recording as an option. Nest does it, Unifi does it, almost EVERYONE else allows it as an option. Ring needs to allow this to be competitive with the market.

I understand that it would not be reasonable for battery cameras, but all of mine are mains powered. MANY people have mains powered cameras. I understand that it will take up a lot of storage space, charge me a fee for the feature!

I do have my motion sensitivity turned all of the way down so it is almost always recording. I have the people sensing feature OFF so it should record as much as possible, but they still do miss things on a regular basis. I do have the still images in between clips enabled…but that is still NOT the same as having a 100% coverage of what happened in that space over time. Even the clip browser is poor with its constant buffering etc. I have one Nest camera and it is by FAR more useable in regards to scanning a timeline.


I’m bumping this because I’m having internet outages frequently and the ring cams go offline and NOTHING is being recorded. A local storage device would be nice. Keeps a backup locally and offloads when the internet is available or when it’s done recording.

I switched from Nest to Ring and regret it because of this single feature. Ring has many benefits, but the lack of continuous recording is a huge hole. I agree, charge me more. Nest was not perfect, but I didn’t even have this as a criteria because I lacked the understanding that Ring didn’t hve this.

It’s a problem when the recording stops at 30 seconds while it’s in the middle of the action. E.g. someone is at our front door, we catch a few seconds, and recording stops.

It defeats the purpose of having the system if it misses activity.

I have 14 Ring cams and am totally regreting it. I would gladly pay for the extra bandwidth and storage.

Absolutely agree with this - and I was also infuriated to find out my new security cameras did not always record. This is the primary function of the device - I would understand if it was missing some of the gimmicks and extra features - but this is outrageous!

The “People Only Mode” is not very accurate, as I discovered after an attempted car theft. I had this mode turned on (to minimise alerts from cats/ birds/ leaves blowing around etc), but the floodlight cam only recorded the criminals walking away from the driveway, after spending 10 minutes trying to steal my car by breaking into my home. I tried scrolling back through the footage to show the police but only saw a ‘snapshot’ clip which is extremely poor resolution too. I then had to resort to asking my neighbours to check their footage as my Ring camera had let me down BIG TIME.

Now, I have turned off the People Only Mode for obvious reasons, but even with the sensitivity turned all the way up it still misses things, and I’m left with similar frustrations all over again. I would gladly pay extra for this as an option to cover the additional storage required, and it is disappointing that such an obviously essential feature has to be requested by the community.

To the team at Ring, sort it out folks.


I completly agree! As much as the devices cost, as much as the subscriptions cost and as popular as the brand is… we should have competive features by now too.