Allow configuration of camera via web browser or app for preconfigured cameraf

So after looking a little bit, maybe I missed something, but it seems the only way to configure an existing camera on an old network to a new network would be to physically press the pair button again. I feel like there should be a way to pair to a new network so long as the current network the camera is paired to is functional. Would be a method similar to having the pair button trigger via web browser or app that already has an established pairing so long as the initial connection can be established.

Also while looking to see if I could log in via IP address I couldn’t find my cameras’ IP information in the app. Is there a way to reconfigure to a static IP after the camera has been already set up? Can we get an advanced tab with this process of remote pairing and configuration?

In comparison, I set up dozens of wisenet cameras at work, most in super inconvenient locations to get to. If I connect to the same network they’re on I can change any setting on it simply by typing the IP address in to the web browser and type in the camera’s login credentials. It makes having to go up on a high-reach non-existent minus physical damage situations. Adding this remote pair will keep more people off of ladders when they make upgrades to their network.