Allow Alexa Routines to Trigger Ring Siren

When I bought the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired, I loved that it included a siren. I assumed that I would be able to triggger the siren when I wanted. Right now, it seems that I have to go into the Ring app and manually triggger the siren. That’s not particularly useful to me. What I want to do is add the siren to an exisiting Alexa routine. “Alexa, xyz” would do several things including sound the siren. When I edit my routine and Add New -> Smart Home -> All Devices, my two Ring devices (doorbell and spotlight cam) are in the “unsupported” section. What gives? On top of being able to sound the siren, I should also be able to turn on the spotlight if I want to. No problem, right? I can use IFTTT. Ring supports that and so does Alexa. However, there are only two things Ring supports in IFTTT (new ring detected and new motion detected) , and neither of them are what I want. What is the use of having a great splotlight and siren if I can’t use them? Add in the fact that the siren can be louder but isn’t. Why can’t the user control the volume checking an “I understand it could damage my hearing.” warning? Could you please open up the availablity to control the siren (including volume) and the spotlight from Aleza routines? I might buy additional spotlight cams or recommend them to friends but not until you address this issue.