Allow Alexa routines to set ring alarm to home mode

If you can use routines to set the alarm go away then you should be able to set it to home too.


I’ve got an interior camera plugged into a smart plug that Alexa activates when I leave. Before, the camera would just start recording when I left. However, the camera now won’t function unless I go into the app and set to away mode. I agree with this suggestion. It’s a pain to go into the Ring app and switch modes and deal with Alexa every time I leave

Seconded! I have a routine that I use with Alexa when I get into bed in the evening to adjust the lighting in my home and it is such a pain in the butt to follow up with a second command that Alexa may or may not hear correctly. Need to add this!

This feature is already availible! I ask Alexa to “SET RING TO HOME MODE” everynight and RING sets to home mode. I can even do it from my Fitbit Versa2 smartwatch with Alexa built in! You just need to add the RING skill to Alexa and link your account and your good to go! You can set AWAY mode as well. The DISARM mode through Alexa requires you to setup a (4) digit pin code through the Alexa app. and it works like a champ! I use my Versa2 to disarm the system while driving home and never have to touch my phone! It works great! No distractions…

I totally agree. I would like to create an Alexa routine which will arm my Ring Alarm system to HOME mode everyday at 10:00 PM.

This is not currently possible because only AWAY mode in available to an Alexa routine.

Ring -

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a schedule / routine feature within the ring app to allow us to arm and disarm our security systems. This is a VERY common feature in other security systems.

Everyone else - is there any way to create an Alexa routine based on schedules to at least disarm my alarm system every morning at 5am automatically? I went into routines and saw I can crates a “if” ring is armed/disarmed/home “then” but there is no feature to select for ring to create an actionable item to disarm.


Hi, I love the whole ring system, by far the easiest, most user-friendly, and functional alarm system I have ever had!
One feature I would highly recommend would be a general auto arm and disarm. More specifically if you could link it in to the Amazon routines, so for instance when I said good night it would arm in home mode, and when a wake alarm clock (Alexa) went off in the morning the ring would automatically disarm.
The next example would be a location-based arming and disarming when we got so far away from our home and returned.
Thank you so much for taking the suggestions to heart!

I would also like to see the option to automatically arm based on location, or with Alexa Guard or Alexa routines. Right now, the only option available is with Alexa Guard, and it only arms as AWAY.

I have Alexa routines setup to do certain things when I leave or when I arrive home. It would be nice if Alexa could be used to change modes. For example, from Home-to-Away and vice versa.

I am really suprised this isn’t currently supported. I agree this is a must have feature and would make the Alexa integration must more valuable. I don’t always have my smartphone with me when I want to arm the system and if I am upstairs it is pain to go to a keypad… where I have Alexa all over the house.

I was mistaken - you can actually do this if you have the Ring Alarm, it is just not that obvious in the documentation. Not sure if it is supported with the new modes feature of the app in general. My guess is this will come soon as it seems like if would be useful even if you only have Ring Cameras.

I have the ring Doorbell, indoor camera and Alexa echo show installed already. If I buy the basic ring alarm system what would I need to do in order to let Alexa arm and disarm my system?

You can do this! Add the RING skill to Alexa and link your accounts then just ask Alexa “SET RING TO HOME MODE” and it will set! Same for AWAY mode. However, to DISARM through Alexa you will need to setup a (4) digit code in the Alexa App. 1st! I recommend using a different (4) digit code through Alexa and it works fine! I have a Fitbit Versa2 with Alexa built in and set my alarm while driving to work and then to DISARM it before I get home so, I don’t even have to touch my phone - this works great!

Hope this helps!

I have the ring Doorbell and 2 Stick Up Cams and it would be really useful to use Alexa to switch modes (Disarm, Home and Away).

While @zatt001 is correct, it doesn’t really help anyone with any kind of automation set up. I’d like for my Smartthings to sense everyone having left the house (which it does), then “arm” and run certain automation (which it does) and simultaneously “arm” Ring (which it does not). Of course, it does the opposite when one or more people arrive back home.

You’d think it’d be in Ring/Amazon’s best interest to integrate this as it’d save on both bandwidth and storage costs not having to record hours and hours of video while people a re entertaining on the porch, front garden, etc. I know I never bother changing modes in the Ring app manually at least.

This should be enabled for camera only

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I do not have Ring Alarm or Smart Lighting, only outdoor cameras and it would be nice if Alexa could change the modes by voice.

If people are outback, I want to be able to tell Alexa to disarm the camera or at least turn off notifications (neither of which can currently be done).

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We should be able to create a routine in Alexa to change Home Mode and Away Mode. We should be able to say “goodnight” and have the alarm placed into Home Mode. An overlooked option for sure. I shouldn’t have to download another app like Simple Commands to create such a thing. Alexa and Ring are under the same umbrella, let’s make this happen and allow this to work with Routines, please.

Hi neighbors! You can arm your Ring Alarm in Home or Away Mode using Alexa and Alexa Routines. You can read more in our Help Center article here on how to do this. When setting up a Routine in the Alexa app, you should have the option to arm your Ring Alarm in Away or Stay. :slight_smile: