Allow Alexa routines to set ring alarm to home mode

If you can use routines to set the alarm go away then you should be able to set it to home too.


I’ve got an interior camera plugged into a smart plug that Alexa activates when I leave. Before, the camera would just start recording when I left. However, the camera now won’t function unless I go into the app and set to away mode. I agree with this suggestion. It’s a pain to go into the Ring app and switch modes and deal with Alexa every time I leave

Seconded! I have a routine that I use with Alexa when I get into bed in the evening to adjust the lighting in my home and it is such a pain in the butt to follow up with a second command that Alexa may or may not hear correctly. Need to add this!

This feature is already availible! I ask Alexa to “SET RING TO HOME MODE” everynight and RING sets to home mode. I can even do it from my Fitbit Versa2 smartwatch with Alexa built in! You just need to add the RING skill to Alexa and link your account and your good to go! You can set AWAY mode as well. The DISARM mode through Alexa requires you to setup a (4) digit pin code through the Alexa app. and it works like a champ! I use my Versa2 to disarm the system while driving home and never have to touch my phone! It works great! No distractions…

I totally agree. I would like to create an Alexa routine which will arm my Ring Alarm system to HOME mode everyday at 10:00 PM.

This is not currently possible because only AWAY mode in available to an Alexa routine.