Allow addition of note that will be relayed to Fire/Police/EMS dispatch

Alarm monitoring users should be able to add a custom note that Ring reps will relay to dispatch when the alarm is triggered. Examples of the real-life use cases that this could help with:

  1. Telling Fire that there are pets in the home (we already see there’s demand for this because of individuals that put up “Please rescue my XYZ” stickers on their front doors.
  2. Telling Fire/EMS/Police that there is a non-verbal or neurodivergent individual in the home that may not respond to typical commands.
  3. Telling Fire/EMS that there is a PPE alert (ex: use caution because of oxygen in use in the home)

Some, communities already allow you to “register” certain things with their emergency services such as Oxygen tanks or other hazards. Some communities actually make it a requirement.
Have you checked with your own community?