Allow Ability to Temporarily Suspend Lights Turning on When Detects Motion on Floodlight Cam

An update should be pushed where similar to snoozing motion alerts, have the ability to also snooze the light turning on my Floodlight when it detects motion. I still want the capability to be recording and sending out motion alerts (which I snooze), while also not triggering the light to come on at night. Sometimes, we like to enjoy quiet nights outside in our patio enjoying a nice glass of wine. Our dog is outside with us and he is constantly triggering the camera and lights come on. We don’t mind the motion alerts, but we want the ability to temporarily snooze the lights coming on when it detects motion. We enjoy the dark nights and do need the entire backyard lit up.

I mocked this up,

Enhance “Snooze motion on all cameras” Mockup

Refer to this new feature request. This would allow you to snooze any combination of motion alerts, recording and/or lights. As with the existing “Motion Snooze” feature, this could be applied to all devices or on a per-device basis. Let me know what you think.

Yeeeees that is EXACTLY what i’m looking for!!

Essential feature. Can’t believe it isn’t there.