All my ring devices go offline during the night


I walk my dog every morning at 5.30 am. The past 3 mornings, I have noticed that all my devices, 1 x solar stick up cam, 1 x battery stick up cam and 1 x hardwired floodlight cam are offline at that time. All my other devices (phone etc) show full wifi signal. When I do a health check, there are no issues. At exactly 6 am they all come back online.

My broadband provider has confirmed that there is no maintenance being undertaken in my area.

I have noticed that Alexa is not communicating with one of my smart lights correctly. It says that it is unresponsive. I tried the same light with Google Home and it’s fine.

I also have a Hive Light Alexa routine set up to run between 22.00 and 06.00 every day, so If my ring floodlight cam (my other 2 cameras are not included in the routine) detects motion, my internal Hive light comes on. The routine ending at 06.00 is coincidental with my ring system working again. Given that there appears to be no issue during the daytime and there is no issue with my broadband - could Alexa be the problem?

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Hi @Benno1875. There are too many variables to determine what is causing this issue. If you suspect Alexa Routines are the problem, try eliminating that variable for a few days and seeing how your devices behave. If their quality improves, then you can let us know so when can look into this issue. Thank you.