Alexa won’t turn on camera lights

I just removed my previous flood lights and replaced them with a Ring Camera Pro only to find that I can’t control the lights through Alexa. This is very frustrating as Google results says that there is not an integration that allows this. Is that true? If so, it is very disappointing, and I may return the camera due to this obvious oversight. I do not want to have to pull my phone out every time I want to turn on the lights, not to mention my kids wont have a way to turn them on since they don’t have phones.

I agree, this is a real disappointment. I may also return this product due to this issue, there does not appear to be a workaround. This is a huge oversight, I would not have expected this from Ring.

I was able to get this to work using the General Settings section of the Ring App for the Camera. I configured it to be in a Light Group, this automatically created a Light Device in the Alexa App. Now it can be voice activated.