Alexa Show drops the Microphone Each Time

Seems like each time the Ring communicates with my Alexa (both 5" & 10"), a Mic symbol (turned off) appears on the lower left Alexa screen. If you don’t touch the symbol to turn the Mic (on) within a few seconds, you are unable to communicate with the Ring audibly. Am I missing a setting somewhere that will keep the Mic/Speaker active each time communication starts without my turning on the Mic on the Alexa screens?

Hi @klemmer. I would try to disable the Ring skill, reboot your phone, then enable the Ring skill again. This will ensure that the connection is up to date. Also, make sure that the Alexa app has permissions enabled for your microphone. Let me know if this works!

Hi, Tom. Finally got around to trying out your suggestion, but still to no avail. Still looking for any helpful hint. One thing I noticed, though, is that the Motion Detector senses before my wife can ring the bell. The Mic seems to work OK with Live Cam, but once the doorbell is pressed is when the problem starts.

Hi there, @klemmer! Thanks for the update on this. The two way talk initiation button in the Ring app will remain available for as long as the event is live. The event will only remain live if answered, or if the event originated as a Live View. This should be a similar experience for your Alexa Show. The microphone icon should be accessible as long as the event can still be answered, or considered live. Check out Amazon’s article about this feature on your Alexa device for ore information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: