Alexa Routines that don't trigger...?

Trying to turn on the outdoor lights for a few mins when the Pro doorbell camera sees motion, so I set up a routine in the Alexa app. It worked the first day, but not now…

* The involved devices don’t have duplicate names (there is another post here with that as the solution)

* The doorbell’s events show up right away in the Ring and Rapid Ring apps (i.e. the alerts are not turned off in the apps, and the Ring alert time schedule isn’t active)

* The Alexa routine runs reliably when invoked manually

* The Alexa announcements/notifications on doorbell push don’t trigger either, but they did at first and are still enabled.

Other factors:

* After making the first routine, I went back and adjusted the times of day. I think that first Routine stopped working after that.

* I have renamed the Ring devices in the Alexa app and in the Ring app

* I have since deleted and re-created the Routine from scratch several times

How to debug?

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Well, this started working again. I editied the routines and dis-abled/re-enabled the Ring skill in the Alexa app about once a day, until the routines started to trigger.

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I did the same thing, created a Routine for Lutron Caseta in the Alexa app.

I have the front door Ring motion, turning on the front porch light.

I have the front door Ring Push Button, turning on living room lights

I have the back door Ring motion, turning on gameroom lights.

I noticed during testing that the Ring needs a minute or two to reset each time.

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Really struggling to enable this as a routine I have been in touch with amazon who say this isnt possible to do but surely it is? Anybody help?

Yeah how are you guys doing this? I’ve tried creating a new routine but on the smart home settings ring is greyd out. I just wanted to disarm at a specific time in the morning given the scheduling isn’t native yet

No update on how to do it, which I don’t quite understand as its classed as a “feature”

This worked for me, thanks!

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I recently setup Ring Door Sensor with Schlage Door Lock routine, where I want to lock the schlage lock when door closes. However this routine never gets triggered. I see notification about door closing and I can lock the door manually thru ring app, but routine doesnt work. Any idea why?